The Bill Gates Scholarship is one that is worth applying for

The Bill Gates Scholarship is one that is worth applying for1 300x199

The Bill Gates Scholarship is one that is worth applying for

The Bill Gates Scholarship is one that is worth applying for

Being awarded a scholarship means such a relief to students and parents who have to undergo various hardships to send their children to college. However, getting a scholarship or grant is not that easy because there are so many deserving students and unless you stand out in every way possible the chances of being awarded support, or financial aid for college education is very bleak. But everyone who thinks they qualify for a scholarship should not hesitate to apply for one and especially for the Bill Gates Scholarship.

Similar to most scholarships, the Bill Gates Foundation also uses FAFSA grades to determine the amount of the award and any student being fortunate enough to meet the criterion will be able to make use of the scholarship funds, not only to take him through a bachelors degree but also beyond that by requesting for renewal if he or she needs it. This particular scholarship is one that will be of immense help to any student and parents and those who qualify must apply even if they don’t believe they will get it.

In order to qualify for the Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship Program, you must be among the group of minorities named by the Fund. Those that qualify are American Indians, Hispanic and African Americans, Asian and Pacific Islanders and natives of Alaska who have a GPA above 3.3 out of the full score of 4.0. All applicants must be high school seniors hoping to enter college for the first time in the fall of the coming year. Those who graduated from high school the past year too can apply, provided they have not commenced going to college at the time of applying. One more thing; students applying should also meet the Pell Grant requirements wherein only those students that need financial support for higher studies being eligible.

Another specialty of the Millenium Scholarship is that only students hoping to continue their studies in the fields of Computer science, Mathematics, Engineering, Library science, Public Health and General Science will be granted this scholarship. Furthermore, you application must be endorsed either by the principal of your school, or a counselor and recommended by someone in authority who will be able to vouch for your leadership capabilities and any services you have rendered to the community.

Students will be judged on their school career achievements; mostly academic, community service and leadership abilities and any voluntary work carried out in your area will carry a lot of weight when the application is taken up for consideration. The application form itself consists of 8 questions providing you with an opportunity to write more details about yourself, your background and you ideas about discrimination and any examples you can offer about your capabilities and what you hope to achieve in the future. These will be essay type questions that will help you to really shine, especially if you have a way with words to impress the judges.

The Bill Gates Scholarship, although just one among many others that a student can apply for, is a scholarship worth trying for because of the enormous benefits and amount of financial support that any student qualifying for it will be awarded.

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Applying For The Gates Millenium Scholarship


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Applying For The Gates Millenium Scholarship

The Gates Millenium Scholarship receives its funding from a grant of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This unique opportunity for college education funds annually offers 1,000 students the opportunity to receive a “good-through-graduation-scholarship”. The Bill Gates scholarship can be used at the college or university of your choice.

While the January date has recently passed for the 2012 applications to be submitted, the Gates Millennium Scholarship is an annual opportunity to get your college education paid for. Scoring assessment is done on three major areas, which include academic achievement, community service and leadership potential. The Gates Millenium Scholarship program was established in 1999, to offer minorities the opportunity to complete an undergraduate college education in computer science, education, engineering, library science, mathematics, public health or science.

Academic excellence is required, for eligible students who apply for the Gates Millenium Scholarship. Native American-Indian, Native Alaskan, African-American, or Asian-Pacific Islander Americans and Hispanic-American students are eligible to apply. In an unprecedented move, Bill Gates scholarship contributions totaled 1 billion dollars, to the United Negro College Fund. These funds are split between the American Indian Graduate Center Scholars, the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund and the United Negro College Fund.

The Gates Millennium Scholarship is available to students from all fifty states are eligible, besides those in the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa and the Federated States of Micronesia. Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements for the Federal Pell Grant and they must have achieved a cumulative GPA in high school of 3.3 or have earned their GED. In addition, applicants should prove leadership abilities through community service and other extracurricular activities. They must be a citizen, national or legal permanent resident of the U.S. or, its territories.

Students who are enrolling for the first time at an accredited college or university must complete and submit their application form, academic record and evaluation, outlining their community service or leadership activity. Proof of tribal enrollment or certificate of descent may be requested, to prove eligibility.

Pell grant eligibility must be proven by submitting your FAFSA application for Federal student aid. Students shouldn’t submit their FAFSA application with their Bill Gates Scholarship application, but the student aid report, (or SAR), will be requested, if the student is selected as a finalist. For this reason, you should plan to submit your FAFSA by February 15th, in order to be prepared, in case you are a finalist and submit your Bill Gates Scholarship application, at the earliest opportunity, before the January deadline.

For eligible college-bound students, this fantastic offer may require some paperwork, but the financial reward is well worth it. Since you can attend any college or university in the U.S, with proper accreditation, the Gates Millenium Scholarship can pave the way for a free, top-notch college education and loads of career opportunities. It was the goal of the Gates Foundation to provide 27,000 students the opportunity to become tomorrow’s leaders, by 2016, even though they may be financially and ethnically-disadvantaged. Because of our diverse society and the many cultures that exist, this philanthropy goes above and beyond many scholarship opportunities.

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The Gates Millenium Scholarship Helps Minority Students Obtain Their Degrees

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The Gates Millenium Scholarship Helps Minority Students Obtain Their Degrees

Outstanding academic and community involvement, by minority high school students, may be rewarded by fully paid college tuition, for the degree of their choice. Through the Gates Millenium Scholarship, minority students can choose any accredited college or university, to obtain their degree in education, engineering, library science, public health or science and mathematics.

The Bill Gates Scholarship gives minority students the chance to obtain higher education, they wouldn’t be able to afford, otherwise. These underrepresented groups can prove their leadership and academic abilities during their high school years and be nominated by community leaders or educators. Once they are selected as a finalist, they can prove their financial need through their FAFSA application and the Student Aid Report will be used for verification.

The award amount of the Gates Millenium Scholarship can vary, based on the college or university selected, by the recipient. Since any accredited college or university can be chosen for these undergraduate studies, the fully-paid tuition can vary in amount. The deadline for the Bill Gates Scholarship is usually in January, with decisions made during April or May, for the upcoming year. It’s important to complete your FAFSA by the February 15th deadline, in order to be considered.

The Gates Millenium Scholarship fund also provides enhancement of under-performing high schools, through mentoring and career counseling, which prepares students for the college admission process. In addition, teacher development and curriculum changes help to better prepare minority students for a higher education.

The Bill Gates Scholarship is one of the most sought after awards, for minority students of all races. Enhancing your academic scores and proving your leadership skills, besides a commitment to community involvement, can increase your chances of obtaining free college tuition. If you choose a career path to benefit your local community or you choose a globally beneficial degree to enhance your professional path, it’s possible to become eligible, assuming you are an academic achiever, of minority groups, as long as you are a U.S. citizen.

One of the top strategies for successfully completing your Gates Millenium Scholarship application includes carefully choosing your recommender or nominator, since their evaluation will be crucial, to becoming a finalist. Your educator’s evaluation should include a copy of your transcripts, but your unique Registration ID will need to be included on these evaluations, so be sure to provide it to your nominator and recommender.

To become eligible for the Gates Millenium Scholarship, a principal, teacher, guidance counselor or another professional educator or college-level representative needs to be your nominator. A recommender can be any adult that participates in your community services or extracurricular activities. Community organization representatives can be your recommender, but a supervisor at work can recommend you for promising leadership skills and personal accomplishments, as well.

When applying for the Gates Millenium Scholarship, don’t forget to apply for your Federal Pell Grant, since you are required to complete your FAFSA, in order to be eligible. Since Pell Grants are indicative of great financial need, this eligibility is also used to determine eligibility for the Bill Gates Scholarship. Your high school counselor or financial aid officer can help you complete the FAFSA application or the application for the Gates Millenium Scholarship.

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Gates Millenium Scholarship Born From Personal Educational Experiences

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Gates Millenium Scholarship Born From Personal Educational Experiences

The Gates Millenium Scholarship, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, was born out of their personal experiences, which exposed them to computers, at a very young age. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, accredits his early education and higher educational experiences to his success. With his amassed fortune, The Bill Gates Scholarship has the directive to help minority high school students, who are academic achievers, to continue their college education in the sciences, math, public health or education, and engineering.

Tomorrow’s leaders are born today and many of the next generation’s research scientists and innovative technology leaders may be under-privileged high school students, unable to afford a college education. The past nine years, the Gates Mellenium Scholarship through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has focused on educating these high school students and offering full tuition scholarships to help them obtain their degree in the accredited college or university of their choosing.

When Bill Gates was asked about improving the education in the United States, he said, “The goal is quite simple: Get kids a great education so they can go on to college and pursue a profession that-for both them and the country will be very rewarding.”

Creating a “culture of achievement” in schools and providing a college education for the less-fortunate, is the ultimate goal of the Gates Millenium Scholarship. One-third of kids, never graduate from high school and the other two-thirds, may have the potential to graduate from college, but they have little hope of affording or achieving this goal. They may not even know how to apply for scholarships or admissions to the top-caliber colleges and universities.

Providing a smaller, high-school environment can be a valuable environment, but the Gates Millenium Scholarship provides the money needed by the ambitious and studious candidates, who are eligible for these fully-paid tuition opportunities. Focusing on improving high school curriculum includes additional education for teachers, besides funding improvement plans, for minority-race high schools that lack government funds to make badly-needed improvements.

The Bill Gates Scholarship program boasts an impressive slate of Gates Millenium Scholars. This exclusive list of recipients has not only fought the odds to get a fully-paid college education, but they have gone on to create amazingly-beneficial careers and life paths. It’s so exciting to see these talented students pursue their college degree and win some of the highest academic honors.

Outstanding high school students can be nominated by an educator, who must be able to write about the student’s academic record. A recommender can write about a student’s community service and leadership activities. The finalists for a Gates Millenium Scholarship must have the recommendation and support of their educational and community service sponsors.

There are so many students that compete for the Bill Gates Scholarship that eliminating less enthusiastic students is an important part of the awards process. These exclusively-gifted students will be scored and assessed on their academic achievement, leadership potential and their community service, as a prerequisite, for receiving one of the Gates Millenium Scholarships. As Bill Gates Scholarship funds are dispersed to lower income students who deserve them, there is a process that must be followed, in order for deserving high school students to receive these prestigious college tuition awards.

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The Scholarship Funds Distribution Of The Gates Millenium Scholarship

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The Scholarship Funds Distribution Of The Gates Millenium Scholarship

The Gates Millenium Scholarship is equally distributed to four major scholarship funds established for students of color, in low-income brackets. The American Indian Graduate Center Scholars, (AIGCS), the United Negro College Fund, known as the UNCF, the Hispanic Scholarships Fund, (HSF), and The Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund, (APIASF), nominate recipients and administer funds for the receivers of the Gates Millenium Scholarship.

The Bill Gates Scholarship fund was founded in 1999, with the goal of providing a college education to 27,000 underprivileged students, by 2016. In addition to providing a fully-paid college education to 1000 students, annually, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provides funds to high schools, to better prepare high school students for college admittance. Since the funds provided by the Gates Millenium Scholarship can be used for any accredited U.S. college or university, it provides the financial means for these students to gain acceptance, if they pass the academic and community involvement requirements.

As the nation’s largest minority education organization, the United Negro College Fund was the original recipient of the Gates Millenium Scholarship. Through the organization, more than 60,000 students at over 900 colleges and universities, receive scholarships such as the Bill Gates Scholarship and other forms of financial assistance, for obtaining a better education. There are 38 member colleges and universities that receive support from the United Negro College Fund, with more than 400 programs for student mentoring, faculty development and fellowships or internships.

Another beneficiary of the Gates Millenium Scholarship is the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. The HSF was founded in 1975, for benefitting the Latino community, awarding more than 86,000 scholarships since its founding. Latino college students have received more than $250 million in financial aid, from the Hispanic Scholarship Fund and part of those funds are received from the Bill Gates Scholarship.

The American Indian Graduate Center Scholars was established in 1969, to benefit American Indian college graduates. These recipients of funds from the Gates Millenium Scholarship receive additional aid to continue their college education, in order to obtain their master’s, doctorate or professional degrees. Encouraging the development of Indian tribal education opens the doors to self-sufficiency and breeds professionals in beneficial career fields or occupations.

The Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund was founded in 2003. It has distributed more than $730,000 one-time scholarships to Asian American or Pacific Island American college students. Through additional funding from the Bill Gates Scholarship Fund, low-income college students are able to complete their undergraduate college education, in the field they choose and the college or university they prefer.

As you can see, there are large minority organizations involved with the distribution of the funds received from the Gates Millenium Scholarship Fund. When the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation founded the educational assistance program in 1999, they pledged $1 billion to help educate various minority students, who displayed academic excellence in their high school years.

Those students, who are actively involved in community and civic betterment are chosen for leadership qualities. Other than proving financial need through their FAFSA application and SAR student aid report, they must also be academically diligent. To obtain a fully-paid college education from the Gates Millenium Scholarship, students of minority races can qualify by focusing on their education and community involvement during their high school education.

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Gates Millenium Scholarship Helps Low-Income Students And Students Of Color

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Gates Millenium Scholarship Helps Low-Income Students And Students Of Color

According to estimates of college admissions projected for 2006 to 2016, more than 4.5 million students will go without a college education, because they can’t afford it. The Gates Millennium Scholarship is designated to help low-income students and students of color. These student groups seem to be the hardest hit by poverty, even if they achieve academic excellence, but the Bill Gates Scholarship provides a fully-paid tuition scholarship for 1,000 of these gifted students, every year.

The Gates Millennium Scholarship program was founded because Bill and Melinda Gates believe that every student in the United States deserves a chance to go to college. Many of these underprivileged students would take advantage of higher education, if they could afford the tuition and housing. The statistics show only 1-in-10 low-income students will graduate from college and even fewer will earn a bachelor’s degree. The Gates Millennium Scholarship is designed to allow these talented, young people the opportunity to pursue any career path that their higher education and ambition allows them to.

Educating the future leadership of our country requires helping low-income students achieve completion of their college degrees, at their chosen university or college. The Gates Millennium Scholarship is designed to help these academic-achievers realize their goals, even though they may not ordinarily be able to afford a college education. By removing financial barriers for low-income students of minority classes, these highly-motivated leaders of tomorrow can pursue their degrees in public health, education, science, engineering or Mathematics and library science.

There are Bill Gates Scholarships available for graduate studies, besides academic, financial and social support, provided at the high school level. Properly preparing high school students, in the lower-income brackets and minority races, can provide the basis for their college education.

You may be wondering how such a lofty goal could be achieved. Through tutoring and mentoring, in addition to career counseling and leadership training, more than 7000 low-income students are prepared to enter college and graduate with their bachelor’s degree, every year.

The Gates Millennium Scholarship fund was originally established in 1999, with the primary goal of sending more than 27,000 low-income students to college, by 2016. Each year the Bill Gates Scholarship, considers applicants from minority races, based on their academic and community involvement successes.

Financial needs demonstration for the Gates Millennium Scholarship is verified through FAFSA applications and SAR. Alaskan or American Indian, African American, Asian Pacific Islander Americans and Hispanic American students are eligible to apply. With a billion dollar contribution, being equally distributed between the 4 major scholarship funds that represent these minority classes, students from all minority races can participate.

It is believed that better preparation and high school can help these underprivileged students reach their full potential. Many high school graduates still lack skills required, to succeed in college. A comprehensive program to prepare students at the high school level can help academic achievers realize the dream of a fully-paid college tuition and higher-education degree.

The Gates Millennium Scholarship encourages leadership and public service, while benefiting students interested in careers that benefit their local community or world-wide communities. Creating programs at under-performing high schools, using other donation funds from these generous donors, is another function of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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